Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't my CPA or Tax Professional claim these incentives for me?

A: This is by far our most common question, and the simple answer is that Accountants and Tax Professionals are not trained or certified to do the things that we do, and generally they are not even aware that these credits exist (please feel free to ask them!).  You really do need a specialist to claim these incentives effectively.


Q: How many different tax incentives do you cover?

A: Over 7,000 total.  The most common and usually most rewarding credits are: R&D credits (you would be surprised what qualifies for this), Hiring credits and Manufacturing Credits, but once we have the information we need from you, we look at all angles and get you as much money back as legally and ethically possible.


Q: What will this service cost me?

A: Absolutely nothing, unless we recover money that you would not have otherwise received, then we will take a commission of 35%-45% depending on your specific circumstances.  If you think that's high, just remember that it's all "found money" for you, and also keep in mind the amount of work we have to conduct before we even know for sure if you qualify for an incentive.


Q: Why haven't I ever heard of this before?

A: There are only 6 companies that do what we do... and the market is huge, so it simply takes time for us to reach everyone.  The fact is, the government makes these incentives so ridiculously complicated to claim that only HUGE companies traditionally have invested in hiring specialists to claim them.  Our approach is different, and this is all we do every day, so our process is streamlined and efficient.