If you are not an affiliate, you can quickly join the program below. Once you create an account you will automatically receive a unique referral URL that you can post anywhere you would like. Anytime a potential client completes one of our qualification forms after clicking on your referral link, a “pending” referral will be added to your account. After the potential client works with us and receives their refund from the government, you will receive a commission on the total recovery. On average your referral fee for a well-qualified lead will be $900, but it can sometimes reach over $6,000 for great clients. The clients pay nothing unless we recover money for them from the government, then we charge a fee of 30% and you will receive 10% of that for the referral.

Our target market includes small to medium sized businesses within the USA that have paid taxes, are hiring new employees, have made improvements to their building, and/or manufacture something in the USA.  That being said, almost any business that pays taxes in the USA will qualify for at least some of the incentives we cover.